Do I ship internationally?
Currently I ship to the continental United States only.
Do I offer discounted shipping?
I offer discounted shipping on orders of $200 or more.
Can I combine shipping?
I can combine shipping on some orders. However, shipping costs remain lower when each wreath is shipped individually in its own box.
How do I care for my products?
All elements of my products (including wreaths, bows and flowers) are subject to fading and deterioration from the sun and natural outdoor elements. I recommend that my products be used in a covered environment to minimize any fading or deterioration.
How do I store my product?
You can store your wreath or bow in the box you received it in.
Do I gift wrap?
No. I do not offer gift wrapping.
What is my return policy?
I do not accept returns or exchanges.
How can I be contacted?
Please contact me via email. I would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.
Do I design custom orders?
I would be delighted to discuss any custom order you may have.